The Power Of Gratitude

The Law of Gratitude is the Natural Principle that Action and Reaction are always equal and in opposite Direction.

The Whole Process of Mental adjustment and Atonement can be summed up in one word! GRATITUDE. The more GRATEFULLY we fix our minds on the SUPREME when good things come, the more good things we will receive and the rapidly they will come.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

The Grateful Mind is constantly fixed upon the best therefore it tends to become the best, it takes the form or character of the best and becomes the best.

Your struggles will end when your Gratitude begins.

For the GREAT LIFE FORCE is good! With love that endures forever and faithfulness that continues through all generations.

Gratitude Radio is here to bring you the best in music, poetry, art, debates and rhythm.

Shout for joy to the UNIVERSE all the earth. Serve the Universal Mind with gladness; come with joyful songs, dancing, happiness, poetry.

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